Sophie La Girafe x Ilado Gift Set


Looking for a unique maternity gift? Discover our Sophie La Girafe x Ilado gift set. A complete box set for every mum-to-be.

A Bola of pregnancy, to give peace and quiet, while strengthening the bond with your baby. Deriving from ancestral traditions this piece of jewellery an be found in many cultures across the world. In Mayan tradition the ‘Angel Caller’ was worn by mothers to protect them during pregnancy and to calm the baby in the womb.

A blanket in which to slip your Bola after the birth of your baby to continue to reassure you baby

A Bola Guide to know everything about the origin, the benefits and the gestures to practice with your Bola throughout your pregnancy. An unforgettable gift to celebrate this moment of magic that is the arrival of a baby!

* Simply check out and put into the notes which Silk Cord Necklace you would like in your Sophie La Girafe gift box*

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