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Baby play using everyday items

Thursday, 11 June 2020 09:20

Baby play using everyday items

We spoke to Vicky Robinson, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, to get some baby play ideas using everyday items.

Trying to entertain a baby all day can be overwhelming and exhausting. We buy all the flashy, noisy toys to help keep them occupied, but they play with them for about 5 minutes and then they are bored! Top tip from a mum and Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Vicky Robinson, is to gather household objects for your baby to play with - most babies actually prefer this! Notice how your baby only wants to play with the remote or your keys? Or how they love to pull the pots out of the cupboard while you are cooking? The great news is that there are so many household items you can use to support your baby’s learning and development at home.

Find out how you can use every day household items to support your baby’s development through play!

Mirror Play -  a mirror can be used in play from newborn. Babies love seeing their reflection in a mirror and can be used to encourage your baby to play in various positions to support their development such as side lying, on their tummy, sitting, high kneeling at the sofa and standing. Simply pulling faces and chatting to your baby in a mirror can support their early communication skills.

Mirrior Play

Puff sponge - remember all those sponges you have stored away from unused gift sets? Here is a great way to put them to use! Hang them from the baby gym, lay your baby on the floor and let them kick away. This is a great way to strengthen their tummy muscles and learn about cause and effect.

Puff Sponge

Gym ball - before you deflate your pregnancy ball, use it for playtime. Place your baby on their tummy and rock them gently back and forth and side-to-side for some fun tummy time. By sitting in front of your baby, you will encourage them to lift their head which will strengthen their back and neck muscles in preparation for rolling, sitting and crawling. Row your boat is a great song for this position.

Scarf pull - does your baby love to pull all the wipes out of the packet? Then this one is for you! Pop a sensory scarf or clean dishcloth into an empty baby wipe container and let them pull it out over and over again. This is great for strengthening their little hands and developing their fine motor skills.

Scarf Pull

Cushions - throw the sofa cushions on the floor to make an obstacle course for your crawling baby. You could hide toys in between the cushions to encourage them to go exploring. The uneven surface gives their muscles an extra tough workout.

Empty containers - before you take put the recycling, have a little rummage for any containers your baby could post balls or pom moms into. Start with the lid off so they have a large target, then add the lid with a hole cut into it to make it more challenging. This is a lovely idea for babies who can sit independently, to practice their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving.

Sensory Play

There are so many ways touse household items for baby play and these are just a few! Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to have a look around your home and gather some household items that you and your baby can play with right now!

Vicky Robinson is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist, specialising in sensory processing difficulties, developmental delay and learning through play! Vicky runs an online therapy service to support parents with activity ideas to boost your child’s development. Visit www.play4today.net for more activity ideas and Baby Play Packs. Follow @vickyrobinsonot

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Helping you through COVID-19

Tuesday, 31 March 2020 17:54

Helping you through COVID-19

As we face these uncertain times with unknown impact to our community from COVID-19 we wanted to thank you for being a loyal Lily & Ribbon customer.

We know you might have concerns centred around your pregnancy or your newborn baby. We want you to know that we are here for you.

If you are displaying symptoms of Coronavirus follow the advice from the NHS.

The Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists offers useful information for pregnant women and their families relating to the COVID-19 virus and pregnancy.

If your midwife is unavailable, we have an inhouse midwife who can offer support and advise where needed. Simply email us on info@lilyandribbon.com and we can get back to you. 

We are still business as usual and we can offer you FREE next day delivery if you write in the notes of your order 'urgent mum baby essentials required'.

With all our love and stay safe,

Team Lily & Ribbon x

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Flexible and comfortable, this maternity and nursing pyjama set is perfect for pregnancy and beyond. This is a beautiful addition for your maternity wardrobe with sophisticated details like stylish gathering on the wrists and refined lace on the shoulders. The lightweight dressing gown, is ideal for stuffy hospital rooms; ; keeping you covered up without feeling the least bit stuffy. The black lace design makes it a stylish addition to your maternity and nursing wardrobe, whilst its roomy nature makes it ideal for skin to skin time with your newborn.




Flexible and comfortable, the Serenity Collection is a perfect fit for all your pregnancy and beyond. Serenity Collection is very feminine with sophisticated details, such as stylish gathering on the wrists and refined lace on the shoulders.

Create your unique maternity wardrobe by mixing the different items from Serenity Collection which includes maternity bras, high waist maternity briefs, nursing nightdresses, nursing pyjamas and dressing gowns. 


Visit our website to see the full collection

Lots of love,

Lily & Ribbon Team x

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YOU Magazine Logo

‘I’m sick of the garish patterns they put on maternity swimsuits. And when it comes to boobs, I’ve found that a lot of maternity brands don’t use underwiring. But you really need support when you’re pregnant. If you are comfortable in a bikini, simply size up your high-street favourites.

Details such as asymmetric shoulders and vintage prints will keep your look on trend. Check out specialist brands like Lily and Ribbon.'

Louise, 38, size 14, bra size 34E


Bloom collection:

These one piece swimsuits have integrated cups to support the growing bust line and removable straps for a fashionable look. They are stretchable, comfortable and UV proof (UPF50+). Available is 3 colours.




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Lots of Love

Lily & Ribbon Team x

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Summer Style - The Yellow Edit as featured in Aglaia

Get ready and step into Summer with our gorgeous maternity and nursing dresses. We introduce to you The Yellow Edit. Why yellow? As the summer months are fast approaching, the yellow tones have been encapsulated into the SS19 fashion trends. Lily & Ribbon introduce the gorgeous yellow Raffaela Dress and The Tiffany Maternity Dress, they aren't only chic dresses but they also have discreet nursing access to ease the everyday struggles of breastfeeding.

The Sunshine Edit

Tiffany Maternity and Nursing Dress - Black and Nude / Yellow and White


This dress is the ultimate maternity and nursing occasion dress. This one piece dress has an illusion as if it were  a two part ensemble. The crop top has a great stretch and super discreet nursing access. The beautiful yellow skirt has floaty pleats to give the most beautiful silhouette and shapes the pregnancy bump beautifully! The Tiffany Dress will take you from your bump days to nursing days in true style.

Raffaela Maternity and Nursing Dress - Yellow

As mentioned in Aglaia Magazine - click the link to take a read.

"For founder Tanya Patel, including a strong splash of yellow in the spring/summer collection for her brand Lily and Ribbon was also a no brainer. “When I did my research for the collection, I had a big board predicting trends. Everything indicated that yellow was the big season colour, and the top trend we could take to maternity and nursing fashion.”"

Raffaela is a chic dress for pregnancy and then breastfeeding. It gives a sleek silhouette, and its beautiful pleats on the front gives it a elegant look.  Great for  the day and at night with a pair of heels and a beautiful jewel. Invisible zips are hidden between the folds of the bust for easy breastfeeding. Adjustable by a belt to tie on the back.

Lots of Love 

Lily & Ribbon Team x

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