Lily and Ribbon is a story about a woman who dared to dream about making maternity fashionable not frumpy and breastfeeding as accessible as possible in the craziness of life!

It started where our founder felt frumpy and frustrated during her pregnancy. Whilst wearing a boring black maternity swimming costume (her gran has a more stylish one). She started to complain about how frumpy she felt. Her husband told her to do something about it. During her pregnancy, she started designing and sourcing functional nursing and maternity wear. 

That's where it began- since then it has been a total whirlwind from learning how to give a baby a bath, supplier visits, how to do the buttons up on a baby grow, branding, weaning and soft play.

We hope you enjoy shopping with Lily and Ribbon just as much as we enjoyed creating it.

With Love,

Team Lily and Ribbon x x


Lily and Ribbon is proud to support organisations that make a better place for women and children.

We donate net proceeds from gift box sales to the Royal Brompton Hospital Paediatrics Ward.

Lily and Ribbon operate on the 111 model, whereby we give back 1% all staff time, 1% of product and 1% of profit to a mother and baby charity each year. All employees do a minimum of 4 days paid voluntary activity a year, we donate 1 % of product and profit to a mother and baby charity each year.


Maternity, nursing, pretty pictures and cute mummy quotes and more. Join us at @lilyandribbonmaternity.