Fantastic Breast Pads!

"...I’ve gone from sleeping with a towel folded up down my top to avoid waking up sopping wet. To being able to have a comfortable nights sleep. I will be recommending this to anyone and everyone I speak to. Fantastic company. Nice to stumble across a down to earth business." - Rebbeca

Wonderful Quality

"I had been looking for comfortable activewear that allows me to have easy boob access for feeding my 3 month old son (aka the milk monster!) while also being suitable to squeeze in a quick bit of yoga or HIIT when I have 10 mins to myself every now and then." - Laura

Great Fit (Sophia Jean)

"This is my fourth purchase from Lily and Ribbon and I am so pleased yet again... My first order was for the Sophia maternity black jeans. Great fit and much nicer than than any of the other, more expensive, maternity jeans I bought from other pregnancy clothing retailers. They're so nice I will continue wearing them for a long time as they still fit without my bump." - Erica

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Real Women

Our Real Women campaign is about encompassing the reality of pregnancy and embracing it in every way possible. We want to hear directly from you!

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